Chac Lt House

1.Chacachachare Island (Labour Day )…. Wed 19th June’13

A place worth visiting, to learn some history and enjoy a peaceful time on a solitude Island with fantastic views is Chacachacare Island. First discovered by Christopher Columbus on 12th August 1498 and called El Caracol (The Snail) because of the angular shape. It is the largest and most westerly of the Boca Islands located  just eight miles from the Venezuelan coastline. During times of slavery cotton cultivated through out the island and today cotton trees still exist. In 1813, the Island became a battle station for the liberation of Venezuela from Spanish order by Simon Bolivar and Santiago Marino. Whales populated the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Paria, and in 1820, a whaling station established. In 1870, The Boca Light House constructed at the highest point on Morne Cabresse (825feet). It is the second tallest light house in the world and remains in operation today.

 Between 1924-1984, The island became a Leprosarium to accommodate 500 patients. Hospital wards erected, in Coco and  Saunder's Bay and at La Chapelle Bay, there was  a convent and a church. A doctor and nurses quarters stationed at Rust and Blumers Bay. During this period, the island was bustling with activity, and there was even a cinema for patients, however, with a cure for Hansen disease the island became abandoned and all left are the ruins.

The boat ride to the Island takes forty minutes, and the walk from the jetty to the Light House will take approximately 35 minutes. At the top panoramic views of the surrounding islands and Venezuelan mainland are clearly visible in the distance. There is an optional hike to the dilapidated Nunnery, and on the eastern tip the Salt Pond located at Bandu Su Bay. Non hikers can spend the day relaxing at La Tinta and Perruquier Bay. For more details contact Mario -749-2956 or


  • Wednesday 19th June’13 ........Chacachachare Island (Labour Day )
  • Rating :3 fair.
  • Assembly :7.ooam KFC Carpark Westmall 
  • Estimated cost $120.00 Includes hike fee, boat fee and gate entrance fee at Island Home
  • Parking inside Island Home :
  • Additional parking at Island Home $20.00